Especificación y rendimiento de las pruebas de tuberías y racores de fluoropolímero PFA


Designed with simplicity and easy of installation, FIT-ONE overcomes the shortcoming which flare type fittings have in common: lacking resistivity.

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 392°F (varies upon the material of Compression Ring)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 101.5 Psi G
  • Applicable Fluid: Liquid
  • Applicable Tube Material: PFA or PTFE
  • Material of Nut: PFA
  • Material of Body: PFA or PTFE

PFA Fluoropolymer Tubing and PFA Fitting


The development of such revolutionary fitting is made possible by our business model, introducing the following features:

►High resistivity against pulling makes a reliable fitting

PFA Fitting FIT-ONE Compression-Ring design is a perfect solution to the shortcoming of general flare type fitting.

The Compression-Ring firmly grips the tube, achieving high resistivity against pull.

The screw nut will pressure the Compression-Ring when fastened to the designated location, securing the conjunction between the PFA tube and the PFA body fitting.

 BUENO Fluoropolymer Fitting Fit-One

►Small fluid pressure loss and easy replacement of liquids

Low torque fastening nut helps securing the flow of fluid path, minimizing the loss of fluid pressure while decreasing liquid remnants.

As a result, the replacement of liquids can be carried out easily.

 BUENO PFA tubing fittings

Click-Gauge as the fastening reminder

The Click-Gauge indicates the optimal fastening location, maximizing the performance of the fitting without damaging it. 

BUENO FIT ONE PFA tubing fittings

When the nut is fastened to the optimal location of the body, the gauge will notify the operator either through vibration or sound.

BUENO FIT ONE PFA tubing fittings  BUENO Fit One Compression Ring PFA Fitting


                         BUENO Fit One Compression Ring PFA Fitting

FIT-ONE PFA Fitting Assembly

  • FIT-ONE promises sheer simplicity of use, and utmost safety in operation
  • PFA fitting offers great resilience against extreme tension, and maintains firm connection even when the tube is stretched twice in length
  • Full traceability for every product
  • Fully customizable to meet your every demand
  • Buys precious time to react in case of unwanted incidents
  • Zero leakage in high temperature 98% sulphuric acid cycle tests
  • Excellent performance with simple design.
  • Saves more time and human power with special wrench,Components and assembly tools.

1. Compression Ring

2. PFA Nut

3. PFA Fittings Body

4. PFA Tube

5. Hot air gun

6. Flare tools

Assembly Method for FIT-ONE PFA Flare Type Fittings

1. Cut the  PFA Tube evenly with a tube cutter.

 Assembly method for BUENO PFA tubing fittings flaring type

 2. Switch the power on and set the heater to the appropriate temperature.

Assembly way PFA Flaring fitting 2

 3. Apply the nut and  Compression Ring to the PFA Tube, in that order.

Assembly PFA Flaring fitting Assembly Method

 4. After reaching the set temperature, insert PFA Tube into the mating port. Remove at the appropriated time.

PFA Flared type fitting - assembly method


*Alternative: Hot Air GunWhen using a hot air gun, heat the tube up to 320ºC and rotate the PFA Tube  to keep it evenly heated.

PFA flared type fitting- assembly method

 5. Insert the flaring tool into the PFA Tube immediately, and remove once cooled down.

                        PFA flaring type fitting - flared tool

6. Insert the tube into the fitting and tighten the nut until the nut paw contacts with click gauge.

PFA Flared type fittings


                     PFA fitting ring click gauge PFA compression ring type fittings

►Tested for 98% sulfuric Acid at 150°C

                               Non-Welded Micro-Vacuum Tank


Tensile Testing of PFA fittings

  • PFA tubing is pulled and extended two times longer before falling off.
  • Great performance in pressure resistance.

    PFA tube is pulled and extended two times longer before falling off. Great performance in pressure resist.


Pressure Resistance of PFA Fittings

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